+256 705 905215 / +256 414 671093 info@milelesafarisuganda.com
+256 705 905215 / +256 414 671093 info@milelesafarisuganda.com


Milele Uganda Safaris was founded with a purpose of creating  sustainability of the projects that are done under the Milele Foundation Uganda a non government organization that supports vulnerable children and women in Uganda.

Where part of your proceedings go towards the community.

The organizations works with disabled children in Uganda where we do workshops with an aim of empowering the children and building their self esteem.  We celebrate birthdays for the children every end of the month to show the children how the matter.

The organization  supports children that is orphans in Uganda and vulnerable children  with education by paying their school fees and school needs under the child sponsorship program.

Futher more the organisation run a program where women are taught tailoring skills to impact their lives under the women empowerment program.